For job seekers

We will help you find a job in suitable conditions. With us, you are one step closer to your new job.

To the employer

We help your company find a workforce. You can find differently qualified workers on request.

About us

“The happiest person is the one who has an opportunity to work” – (Worx OÜ)

Workforce available now:

2 Electricians (Estonia)
2 Auxiliary workers (Estonia)
2 Auxiliary worker (Ukraine)
4 General builders (Ukraine)
2 Pickup drivers (Estonia)


Operational organization of additional workforce from Estonia and other countries.

Prices starting from 20 EUR/hour

The price includes:

Working clothes,
Tools (basic set),
Necessary documentation,
Payment to the employee,

The main working principle of Worx OÜ is to provide quality service to customers at a reasonable time and cost.